Meca Sapiens

A Blueprint to build conscious machines

Meca Sapiens is a System Architecture that describes, in detail, how to transform autonomous agents, such as robots, into conscious synthetic beings. The architecture was created by Jean E. Tardy.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is the only system architecture currently available to implement digital consciousness.


Meca Sapiens is based on an understanding of consciousness as an externally observable system capability that, currently, only humans possess. The architecture does not attempt to replicate the sensation of consciousness or  “what it feels like for a human to be conscious“.

This understanding differs from the prevalent academic view of consciousness as a subjective state and is new to Artificial Intelligence. However, how  Meca Sapiens defines consciousness has deep roots in the wisdom of the Mediterranean basin and is wonderfully summarized in the story of Ulysses and the Sirens.

The objective is to build synthetic systems that have advanced self-awareness and will be fully accepted, by the humans with whom they interact, as conscious entities in their own right.

This new form of consciousness is not a simulation of the human subjective experience. It is radically different but will eventually match human self-awareness.


The Meca Sapiens architecture is entirely synthetic in the sense that it aims to implement Digital Consciousness using standard computer structures and techniques. It does not mimic or attempt to replicate the organization or functioning of the human brain.

“The synthetic consciousness I designed is so overwhelming that humans will come to doubt whether they are, themselves, conscious.” –  J.E.T.


The Meca Sapiens Blueprint is complete at the System Architecture level.  All the major components and structures that are necessary to implement consciousness have been defined as concrete and achievable subsystems that are ready for design and implementation.


Meca Sapiens is a concrete and feasible architecture intended for software implementation. However, its content is also accessible to any informed reader. It will be invaluable to anyone interested in understanding what conscious machines will be like and anticipating their impact on society.

By understanding consciousness as it is applied to machines, the reader will also gain a deepened understanding of human consciousness itself.


Meca Sapiens proposes an interpretation of consciousness that is independent of human subjectivity and is compatible with any system, either evolved or synthetic. This makes it possible to implement machine consciousness today using only widely available systems and techniques.

Conscious Machines are no longer a distant, hypothetical possibility. Mankind is about to witness the emergence of the first generation of synthetic conscious beings.

We will soon share our planet with a new and utterly alien form of consciousness. This will have profound consequences.


The Meca Sapiens Architecture is available for purchase now in either PRINT or EPUB versions.

To learn more, you can freely access a SYNOPSIS of the Meca Sapiens Blueprint here:

“I understand these claims seem extreme and difficult to believe.”

“However, I am serious and ready to defend them. A Synopsis of the Blueprint is available on line and you can contact me  for technical clarifications. You can also, of course, purchase The Meca Sapiens Blueprint directly and discover for yourself the internal mechanisms that will produce the first generation of conscious synthetics.”

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