Meca Sapiens

meca-logo-200A Blueprint to make robots conscious

Meca Sapiens is a complete Cognitive Architecture that will transform a robot into a conscious synthetic being. It is based on an understanding of consciousness as observable system capability and is intended  for implementation in autonomous “robotic” agents.

The Meca Sapiens architecture is entirely synthetic.  It uses existing software techniques and standard processing equipment. It does not mimic or attempt to replicate the structure or functioning of the human brain.

Meca Sapiens is the only system architecture available to implement synthetic consciousness.

Primarily intended for software developers, its content is also  accessible to the informed layman and will be valuable to anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society.  All readers will gain a deepened understanding of consciousness from it.

Systems based on the Meca Sapiens architecture will eventually surpass humans in consciousness.

The Meca Sapiens architecture, developed independently over many years. It is complete (at the System Architecture level) and ready for design and implementation. Consulting services are available to assist developers.

The Meca Sapiens architecture consists of two documents:

The Creation of a Conscious Machine

The Creation of a Conscious Machine corresponds to a requirements and specifications document that describes the motivating context of the quest for A.I.  and defines consciousness as an observable system capability.

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint, the complete System Architecture of a program to make a machine conscious using existing software tools and techniques. This is an absolutely unique document and possibly the only feasible path to synthetic consciousness in existence.

The Blueprint also contains twenty one  Annexes that further extend and clarify the architecture. The annexes also cover topics such as synthetic emotions, relational strategies  and ethical issues that are not directly essential for synthetic consciousness but  are useful to understand its context and impact.

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